12 Days of Giveaways

12 Days of Giveaways

Ahh the holidays. A time for giving. For freebies. Swag. Frizzle. (not a thing, frizzle? Can it be?) And in that spirit, we’re introducing our very first 12 Days of Giveaways… uh… giveaway. It’s a bit like the 12 Days of Christmas, but with way better gifts. No swarm of calling birds, french hens, and turtle doves that you’ve gotta build a freakin’ aviary just to hold. No temperamental pear trees to keep alive. Okay fine, no golden rings either. But they never stipulate what kind of gold it is anyway. It could be electroplate for all you know.

Sure 10 Lords a’ Leaping might be fun. But realistically, what are you gonna do with these guys after a while? You gotta clothe them, feed them — god knows how much they eat with all that prancing around — and what about the bathroom? That’s a major clog waiting to happen.

No, we’re giving away 12 prizes of verifiably high value and quality, and we’re doing it by partnering with some of the hottest brands in the biz, who make some of the coolest stuff in the world. That’s right, they’re both hot and cool. They’re hool. (Let us know when that term takes off so we can collect our royalties) They offer a pretty wide range of products, but they all share many of our own qualities: cutting-edge technology, natural elements, independent spirit, and modern design, created by hard-working teams dedicated to making a real difference in people’s lives.

Yes, we all aim high. It’s the only way to get to get to the next level. #levelup

Anyway, back to the giving. Starting this Saturday, 12/15, we’ll be handing out more than $1000 worth of giveaways, every day, for 12 straight days. Each giveaway will feature items from one of our partners, along with some favorites from our own line of premium grooming products. Those partners include Boscia, Lumos, Belkin and Le Mieux, and several of the giveaways are worth well over $200 total! One even includes something on Oprah’s 2018 List of Favorite Things. All Hail Oprah!

So, what’s the catch? There is no catch! Okay, there’s sort of a catch. To enter the giveaway on any particular day, you have to:

  • Follow us and our partner brand on Instagram
  • Like the post on ours or our partner’s pages
  • Tag 3 friends in either account’s post
  • Reside in the U.S.
  • Be cool


Fine, we won’t actually check on that last one. But your personal cool factor will rise if you win, we promise. Winners are randomly chosen and will be announced at 12pm PST the following day. Oh and void where prohibited, etc. etc. Also, you can enter as many days as you like.  Now let’s get to those giveaway Days!

  1. Belkin — BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad — Dec. 15 — Hands-free, wire-free, and just plain free if you win this giveaway! Belkin’s charging pad works with iPhones and Android phones, and charges right through your phone case. It was also a 2018 CES Best of Innovations Honoree. Makes sense. We only partner with the best. Retail: $50. Comes with our Hair Hydrator and BioFuse Hair Sculpting Gel.

  2. Thomas James LA — Bixel Sunglasses & Robert Sunglasses — Dec. 16 — You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get luxury quality and style. Thomas James LA is proof of that (so are we, humblebrag). With cool features like 3-way ventilation plus handcrafted elements, it’s crazy that these sunnies only retail for $38. Even crazier that you can get them for free, along with our Cooling Clay Facial Wash & BioNutrient Foaming Face Wash.

  3. Related Garments — The Racer Boxers — Dec. 17 — We don’t want to imply that some body parts are more important than others. We just want to straight up say it: some body parts are more important than others. That’s why you should consider better boxers, like The Racer, with special Atlas Luxe fabric that feels like almost nothin’ and a special fit that keeps them from riding up your thigh. Retail: $35. Comes with our Active Man Daily Shampoo and Scalp Salvation Massager.

  4. Kana Beauty — Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask & LIT Hemp Facial Oil — Dec. 18 — They say Purple Rice was once reserved only for the Chinese Emperor. Now you’re the one who will rule with this mask that detoxes, smooths wrinkles and soothes inflammation with green tea and that other green, cannabinoids. Organic full spectrum CBD is also a key feature in their LIT Hemp Facial Oil that balances both oily and dry skin. Retail: $140. Comes with our BioNutrient Foaming Face Wash and Eye & Facial Massager.

  5. Boscia — Dig Deep Charcoal Skin Kit — Dec. 19 — If we had a sister brand, this would be it. Boscia has roots in Japan and does botanical-based beauty products for women. Like us, they’re big fans of charcoal’s benefits for the skin. It detoxifies like nothing else. This gift set comes with a mask, cleanser and pore-purifying strip, with retail value of $55. And the giveaway includes our HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner and Eye & Facial Massager.

  6. Mikol — Nero Marquina Minimalist Marble Wallet & Carrara White Marble iPhone Case — Dec. 20 — Wait, do they mean marble-colored? No brother, we mean this is a wallet and iPhone case made of actual marble.  Then is it like lugging a heavy piece of rock around in your pocket? No! Why would anyone want that? These items are super thin, very light, and hand-cut and sanded down so that no two are alike. They retail for $99 each, so $198 total value. Comes with our Pure Moisture Body Wash and Eye & Facial Massager.

  7. Simple Human — Round Step Can — Dec. 21 — Step up your bathroom decor with this mean little trash-swallowing machine.  Easy open pedal, resists fingerprints, and closes quietly without that annoying clang.  Also looks a lot classier than any of its peers.  Retail $22. Comes with our Active Man Daily Shampoo and Active Man Conditioner.

  8. Boba Guys — Tile Hoodie & Gift Card — Dec. 22 — Nobody bobas better than these guys. Boba Guys have been killing it for years in SF, LA & NYC. This is your chance to rep the best with a super soft premium cotton unisex hoodie, plus a gift card for some boba of your own. Retail: $70. Comes with our HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo & HydroBlast Conditioner.

  9. Tooletries — The James Toiletry Organizer & The Oliver Shower Mirror — Dec. 23 — If you like your shower clean and organized (and face it, if even your shower is messy, you might as well give up on ever being truly clean) you’ll want in on this giveaway. The Organizer is made of antibacterial 100% silicone so it won’t get moldy.  It sticks to glass or tiles, and is moveable. The Mirror is a must if you shave in the shower. It’s shatterproof and fits right above the Organizer. Retail: $35. Comes with HydroBlast Moisturizing Conditioner and BioFuse Sculpting Gel.

  10. Lumos — Kickstart Helmet — Dec. 24 — We’re finishing the final 3 days with big ticket items, starting with the world’s first smart bike helmet. The Kickstart has a design that will stop you in your tracks, literally! It has hard brake lights, plus turn signals, built right in. Plus it’s weatherproof and works with Apple Watch. So innovative that Oprah put it on her 2018 List of Favorite Things. Retail: $179. Comes with our Scalp Salvation Massager and BioFuse Sculpting Gel.

    The Lumos Kickstart Helmet does everything for you short of pedaling.

  11. Le Mieux — TGF-β BoosterTGF-β Eye Firming MaskEye Wrinkle Corrector, and Bio Cell+ Mask — Dec. 25 — Many of you guys may only know Lemieux as a penguin from Pittsburgh, but your lady may recognize Le Mieux as a top scorer, if your goal is having younger healthier-looking skin. This giveaway includes a hat trick of products for your eyes to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, plus a mask full of peptides, antioxidants and botanicals. Retail: $155. Comes with our HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo & HydroBlast Conditioner.

  12. Purlisse — Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing MilkBlue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant — Dec. 26 — Like us, Purlisse features powerful botanical blends in their products. This grand finale Day 12 package includes a Seed Mud Mask, Cleansing Milk and Moisturizer to keep skin smooth and balanced — not dry or oily. Retail: $129. Comes with our own botanical-packed washes: X-Punge Foaming Face Wash and Cooling Clay Facial Wash, and a white towel, for the perfect His & Hers gift set.



And that’s it.  Remember, you only have until noon the next day to enter for any particular post. Go to our Instagram page now to see where the Giveaways are at.  And tell us below what you think about the products, the prizes, or anything else.  Happy Holidays!

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