The Award For Best Grooming Goes To….

The Award For Best Grooming Goes To….

Awards season is here! And we at Blackwood For Men have already been out there hobnobbing with the stars. If you’ve never hobnobbed before, we highly recommend it. Way better than consorting or fraternizing. Just find the right balance of hob and nob, and a star, and you’re set. In our case, one of those stars is Edgar Ramirez. We went with him to The 2018 Golden Globe Awards! Not in person, exactly. We went in Edgar’s hair. As you can see above, he looked flawless on the red carpet thanks in part to our Hair Hydrator and BioFuse Sculpting Gel and the genius of celebrity stylist Barbara Guillaume. How did she pull it off? Read on…


Edgar Ramirez dominating the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. Hair styled with Blackwood For Men BioFuse Sculpting Gel & Hair Hydrator. Go on and shine, Edgar! photo via Instagram/@barbaraguillaume


You might recognize Edgar from his roles in Zero Dark Thirty, Wrath of the Titans, or the new Point Break…


where he plays Extreme Bodhi — like Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi, but a MORE high flyin’, rock climbin’, and wave ridin’ version. Hell, he doesn’t even need a wakeup call from Johnny Utah.

Anyway, this week Edgar stars in the new The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story on FX. And we do mean “stars” — he’s playing Gianni Versace.

Edgar put on weight and some gloriously tight clothes to bring Gianni Versace to life photo via FX

Edgar transforms his face, body and voice to bring the late fashion icon back to life in the second season of American Crime Story. A lot of people are raving about how eerily successful he was.

And we agree! In fact the resemblance is so striking that from now on we should say that not only is Blackwood For Men used by big time overly handsome Hollywood stars like Edgar, but also by luxury fashion giant Versace. It’s practically true!

As we mentioned above, Edgar was introduced to our products by the inimitable stylist Barbara Guillaume. She works often with him and other stars like Garrett Hedlund, Josh Gad and Tom Hanks. Yes, THAT Tom Hanks. (Wait, is there another Tom Hanks? Guess there’s this guy. So yeah, not him… although he seems to be doing ok for himself.)
The artist Barbara Guillaume breaks out the BioFuse Sculpting Gel as for another masterpiece, with Edgar Ramirez as her canvas. Image via Instagram/@barbaraguillaume.

We talked to Barbara about how she got Edgar’s Golden Globes look. Here’s what she said:
“I started by getting his hair damp. Then I sprayed Hair Hydrator all over.
I love this product because it locks in hydration, which is important since I use heated tools such as a hair dryer and a flatiron and my main goal always is to protect the hair and keep it healthy!
Then I used Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel.

This gel is amazing because it’s fast-drying but lightweight, so it holds the hair in the perfect place but remains pliable, which is the biggest issue I encounter with most gels. They usually tend to just dry hard and make hair look stiff.

I squeezed the size of a quarter in my hands, then rubbed them together before applying it all over Edgar’s hair, focusing mainly on the sides as I wanted to have more control there.

Next, to get more height and hold I blowdried Edgar’s hair backwards and upwards from the forehead, using a brush to distribute the product.

Edgar’s hair is naturally wavy so after I was done blow drying I used a very small flat iron to smooth a couple little curls that remained.

Once I achieved the desired look and shape I added just a little more gel on dry hair to the sides of his head for extra sleekness and shine.”
Blackwood For Men in Barbara Guillaume's Golden Globes Styling Kit
Barbara’s Award Show Styling Kit image via Instagram@barbaraguillaume

And voila! Next thing you know, Edgar Ramirez is a bona fide sex symbol who’s welcome to walk the red carpet in a killer Bottega Veneta tuxedo at 75th annual Golden Globes and even present the award for Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie. All because of Blackwood For Men. Or mostly because of Blackwood For Men. Or maybe not at all because of us. But damnit we’re still happy to be there, and you have to admit he looked good. And you can too, even without a designer tux and kickass stylist and a chiseled jaw and dreamy eyes. Just get yourself some premium paraben-free, botanical-rich products like ours, then use ’em. You’ll be looking like an A-list star faster than you can say “And the award goes to…”
To get the goods that led to Edgar’s red carpet-ready look, click the links below:
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