Black and Beck: True “Colors”

Black and Beck: True “Colors”

Beck Style, by Blackwood For Men

So, the November issue of Vanity Fair is out, featuring 5-time Grammy winner Beck in a story about his new album, “Colors.” And if you think the eclectic music icon is looking especially dapper, we thank you, because he was styled for the shoot using Blackwood For Men products! (If you don’t think he’s looking especially dapper, well then take another look, dangit!) Somehow he still looks like the same cat who got nominated for Album of the Year… 21 years ago.


Beck: Hip-Hop Folk Rock Preacher & Ageless Wonder. Photo by @neilgavinphoto, Styling by @stacyskinner, Product by @blackwoodformen

An Offer We Couldn’t Refuse

We’d love to take full credit for the entire ensemble, but it’s actually the doing of the incomparable Stacy Skinner. The celebrity stylist knew she had a shoot coming up with the LA native. So she asked if we wanted to take part and we were like,


“Vanity Fair??”


At that point she probably should’ve hung up. But we fortunately pulled it together, and next thing we knew, Beck was preparing to talk about “Colors” while wearing a healthy amount of Black — and we’re not just talking about the suit.


Beck knows something about hats that the rest of us don’t; namely, how to wear them without looking like a putz. Teach us, Beck!


Beck + Blackwood For Men

Stacy first prepped the 47-year-old’s hair with our signature Hair Hydrator. It’s got Pro-Vitamin B5, Arginine, Hydrolyzed Silk and Citric Acid, to keep hair soft, moisturized, and protected all day long. It’s great if you use a hair dryer often, or if you just have trouble with dry, damaged, brittle, or frizzy hair (not that Beck does! No, we’re just talking preventative measures in his case). The stuff also smells so good that multiple people have asked us to make a cologne out of it.

She also used our BioFuse Hair Sculpting Gel to get Beck’s hair some natural style, separation and shine. A lot of people think gel has to leave hair stiff, crunchy and sticky, but times have changed. Gel doesn’t have to be a thick neon pink bubble-filled assault on your hair anymore. It can be like our gel: non-silicone so it’s gentler on hair and fortified with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Hydrolyzed Silk to actually help nourish follicles while holding them in place. Our gel doesn’t even break down into flakes like a lot of the other gels out there. Take a look at Beck over there. Does his hair look crunchy or sticky? No it does not. Now maybe that’s because Beck can pretty much do anything better than the rest of us (including pull off a wide variety of hats), but more likely it’s because our hair gel ain’t like the others. Like all of our products, it’s powerful enough to be extremely effective, but also gentle and protective enough to help prevent future damage thanks to its natural botanicals.

So how is the article and more importantly, the new album, Colors? Well the article is a lot of fun, broken up into bite-sized tidbits like “Beck credits his children with his decision to release ‘Wow,’ a recording he considered to be more of a sonic doodle than a proper song” and “he thinks he does a good imitation of Digital Underground’s Shock G on ‘The Humpty Dance.'”


As for the album itself, it’s bright, bendy, poppy and more fun than anything he’s done since 2005’s Guero. So if you like upbeat, happy Beck, this one is for you. If you like sad Beck, go back fire up your old copies of Sea Change. But no matter which Beck you prefer, hopefully we can all agree on one thing: Beck looks like a rock star in Blackwood For Men, and you can too.

Oh, and we would no question crush him in a Humpty Dance Rap Battle.

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