Meeting Jose Zuniga of Teaching Men’s Fashion

Meeting Jose Zuniga of Teaching Men’s Fashion

A Handsome Man

You think you know what you’re getting when you invite a dude like Jose Zuniga to the Blackwood For Men booth: a good-looking, well-dressed, smooth-talking cat who’s gonna drop a few fashion nuggets, flash his famous grin, and then get the hell outta there. But it doesn’t take long to figure out you’re getting a hell of a lot more than that.

Do women like longer hair on men? And if so, how can you get that look faster? Click this Teaching Men’s Fashion video for the answers! (or just to see him in action with the ladies)

We approached Jose after going through a long list of social media influencers. We wanted to find the right fit for our brand — somebody with effortless, clean style and a look that’s modern and classic at the same time — kind of like us (#humblebrag). We loved the topics he covers on his Teaching Men’s Fashion YouTube channel, like Best Hairstyles for Men in 2017, 6 Ways You’re Killing Your Style, and 5 Signs That She Likes You. So we reached out, and the first thing we were pleased to discover was that he was already using our shampoos and conditioners! (Sometimes the Universe is just on your side. Nice work, Universe!) He found them on a trip to Ulta Beauty with his lady and decided to give them a shot. And whaddya know, he actually loved them! The man has great taste, what can we say.

Fashioning a Partnership

So it wasn’t too hard to get him to agree on a partnership. We worked out the details, made the arrangements, and next thing you know, there he was at our fancy kick-a** booth at Cosmoprof NA in Las Vegas. And the first thing you notice about Jose is the dude is tall.
Not weird gawky tall, just that slightly intimidating tall that makes a guy automatically seem more impressive. WTF! It’s not like he needs that. Leave something for the rest of us, Jose! But maybe it’s better this way. It’s immediately clear that you will never out-handsome the man, so you can just move on with your life. A life that suddenly seems empty and without meaning.

Do not attempt to out-handsome Jose Zuniga. You may blow a handsome gasket.

The Real Jose

No, that’s how it might go, except Jose happens to immediately prove himself to be humble, attentive, friendly and ready to do whatever it takes to help you have a great show (Guess you could hate him for that too, but really that’s just being a hater). So he takes the “tall” comments in stride, saying he gets them all the time (turns out his YouTube videos are great for giving men lifestyle tips, but not so much for providing height perspective). He rolls with the technical issues that crop up, including mic trouble, (Wireless mics, the mogwai of corporate events. Handle them just right or they turn into nasty little gremlins) and he finds ways to engage with all types of people who stop by your booth. Buyers, distributors, exhibitors, bloggers, stylists, salespeople — he handles them all with that same approachable, unflappable Jose aplomb. (think of another guy you can say “aplomb” about. You can’t. Nor should you.)
Along the way, he comes up with an idea that brings women into the booth and gets some precious female perspective for a YouTube video that will highlight key hair tips for guys.

Hydrating Hair in the Chair

Then he busts out a quick live demo of one of your products to put on his Instastory, proving how easily your Hair Hydrator can provide just the right amount of moisture and healthy shine, even on hair that’s already been styled. He rattles off its top botanicals, and talks about the benefits of Pro-Vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Silk and Citric Acid like he’s a pro, which in fact, he is.
Jose demonstrates our Hair Hydrator on a lucky young man whose hair is about to give the finger to dryness.

The Closer

And finally, he hangs out with your team, chatting them up, telling his story, listening to theirs, providing advice, and just generally being the put-together, confident, wise-beyond-his-years guy that we all want to be but rarely are.

He takes some more pictures with anyone who asks and he congratulates the contest winners. He checks in to make sure you’ve gotten everything you need and if there’s anything else he can do, and then… he’s off. Off to create more insanely popular fashion lifestyle videos. Off on his continuing journey to 2 million subscribers, grooming guru superstar status, and universal social media domination. Also, to Miami. We’re pretty sure he went off to the Miami area.

Anyway, if you get the chance to work with him, we highly recommend it. Good dude. Far too handsome, but still a good dude. Hopefully we’ll work with him again. If you’re curious about any of our hair care products that he talked about, check them out here!

Jose is leaving, and he’s taking his poster with him.

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