Clean Water With Every Hydrating Shampoo

Clean Water With Every Hydrating Shampoo


There are few things more important to life, yet easier to take for granted, than water. For most of us, it flows freely from faucets, rivers, the sky. But for some, it’s a precious resource that must be harvested from the ground with great difficulty. In these communities, everything flows first from the ability to access pure, clean water. And we want to help make sure that access never runs dry. So we’re announcing a new partnership with The Maalgo Project: for every bottle of HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo we sell, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to their life-giving work.

The Clean Water Crisis

In Ghana, the struggle to find clean water is all too common. The situation was particularly dire in Vea, where villagers could spend hours each day searching for healthy water for drinking, cooking and bathing. No one suffered more than children, who make up nearly half of Vea’s population. Education is their key to a better life, but they rarely had the time and energy to learn when so much of their day was devoted to the never-ending search for clean water.

Beginning the long walk back to Vea with water of questionable quality


So The Maalgo Project stepped in. With funding from Blackwood For Men, they broke ground last year on a new water purification station for the people of Vea. Under the leadership of Father Rudolph Alumam, crews built a facility large and efficient enough to provide clean water for the entire community. And today, we’re proud and excited to say the station is now complete!

Vea Water Facility Under Construction

Station Complete!

Celebrating a New Era

The opening ceremony was a celebration of a brighter future for Vea and its children. 600 families are now able to access clean, pure water for free, day or night. They’re suffering from fewer water-borne diseases, and the children are better hydrated and more focused at school.

Vea Clean Water Facility Ribbon-Cutting

However, the work is not done. The Vea facility still needs to be powered. And other villages still need the same life-changing access that Vea now has.


More Hydration in Every Bottle

Our new initiative will help provide that power and access. From now on, a part of every sale of our HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo will go towards The Maalgo Project’s work. That means every bottle will not only help to moisturize, repair and protect people’s hair — it will also help to powering the water purification station in Vea, and many more new water facilities in the communities that need them most. It may be the only way to make the winner of the award for Best Shampoo of 2019 even better.

Fresh Clean Water Now and in the Future


If you want to learn more about The Maalgo Project’s mission and the fight for more clean water access worldwide, or to donate click here.

Thanks for reading, and stay hydrated, inside and out.

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