What It Does


Moisturizes dry or sensitive skin while you wash with hydrating healing Botanical Boosts like Tsubaki Oil & Aloe Vera


Cools & revives skin with invigorating touch of Menthol. Perfect for waking up in the morning or cooling down after a workout.


Protects skin from free radicals, pollutants & UV damage with antioxidant-rich Arginine, Ginseng & Peach Leaf

The Details

The perfect update to a potent classic. Our new Pure Moisture Body Wash features an even cleaner formula with more powerful Botanical Boosts, including Panax Ginseng & Tsubaki Oil -- two powerful antioxidants that you won't find in other men's products. Ginseng helps stimulate circulation while fighting inflammation, acne & aging signs. Tsubaki Oil penetrates skin to hydrate deep & heal complete. Working in concert with a dozen other Boosts, they create a natural symphony for skin, with Menthol to cool, Arginine to repair & Peach Leaf to protect. It's the ideal cooldown after a tough workout, or wakeup call after a long night out. Plus it lathers up quick and rinses off even quicker, with none of the filmy residue or greasiness of other body washes. Step up your shower with this unique Modern Natural solution for men's skin!

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