What It Does


Light leave-in conditioning mist moisturizes hair & beard to the root & locks that moisture in for benefits that last all day long


Strengthens & softens hair or beard while promoting fuller growth. Detangles, repairs & makes hair easier to style


Defends against heat damage from blow drying. Helps prevent split ends, flakes, breakage & loss

The Details

Revolutionize how you care for your hair & beard with just a few easy sprays! Our unique, award-winning Hair & Beard Hydrator is like nothing else on the market. It's a powerful leave-in conditioner that applies as a superfine mist to your hair or beard. But it's also so much more than that.

Spray this Hydrator on damp hair after showering, and it will be protected against blow drying and other styling damage. It will also be much easier to style. That's because it contains potent natural detanglers like Sweet Almond Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5 that help to separate, smooth & soften hair while also moisturizing deeply. Or, try spraying on dry hair for light, natural shaping and styling that adds life and shine — not to mention a sophisticated, magnetic scent of citrus and cedar. Whether sprayed on damp or dry hair, it's great for taming long hair, and a life-saver for parents trying to brush their kids' unruly hair into place each morning with a minumum of fuss.

Along with helping prevent damage from heat, pollutants, UV rays and free radicals, the Botanical Boosts in our Hair & Beard Hydrator will also stimulate repair of follicles, to help reduce split ends and breakage while promoting fuller growth. So to sum up, it's a primer, styler and finishing spray, all in one!

But let's not forget, this is a Hair & BEARD Hydrator. So it also works wonders for facial hair. It naturally moisturizes your beard hairs while conditioning them so they're softer, shinier, healthier and just much nicer to be around — both for you, and anyone who wants to be close to you. It also helps you add a bit of shape to your beard or mustache, if you want it, and it helps the whole thing grow in fuller, with fewer flakes. And here's the best part: it does all that without all the greasiness (and accompanying breakouts) of many beard oils or balms. In fact, it has natural ingredients like Rice Extract that actually help reduct oiliness, acne and breakouts. And again, it makes that whole beard not only look, but also smell, amazing. What more could you want?

TO USE: spray directly into hand, rub hands together, and apply to hair or beard. Or if you prefer, hold bottle a few inches away and spray directly into hair or beard (this method works particularly well if you have a long beard or long hair). Avoid contact with eyes.

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